Descriptive Writing Example
    The most important thing about descriptive writing is being descriptive as much as you can. You can write about anything like a park, or a restaurant! As long as you descriptive. Also make sure that your reader feel excitement, of course you don't want your reader to feel bored. Here are two examples of descriptive essays that will help you to writing a descriptive paper.

The experiment at the park

                                                                                                                                                                                     By: Aisha Mahmood

    On a warm sunny day my sister and I asked my mom if we could go to the park.  She let us go, and we were so happy and excited. It felt good to go to the park. I looked around the park and found a bench in the corner of the play area.  The shining sun made the bench very warm, so I felt good sitting on it to make my observations. From my bench, I had a good view of the park. The park location was perfect, it had huge trees and in the middle there was a play area for the kids. I tried to sit in my bench and look all around the park.  I wanted to pretend that this was the first time I was at a park so I could observe everything.

        As I looked up at the sky, it was blue like the ocean and the wind was blowing like the ocean waves. The wind was blowing fresh air everywhere. It felt good to be outside in the fresh air. My favorite part in the park was when I was looking at the fruit tree. It had little small shiny red apples hanging on the leaves. I wondered if it was crunchy and filled with juice, but I was not going to try it. I also saw a cherry tree with little round cherries on it, but I was scared to eat them, since they may have poison in them. I could also smell the pine trees; it smelled like just like the fresh air spray we buy at the store. As I looked around, I saw so many colors everywhere.  The grass was green, the trees were green and brown, and the fruits on the trees were red. In the corner by the play area there was a heart shaped flower that was a beautiful pink color.  

    There I saw a white, hairy puppy running back a forth trying to catch the ball from his owner. Next to the dog, the kids were playing football and they were having lots of fun. They looked like they were on high school football team and were practicing at the park.  I also saw two teenage boys playing basketball. I could see them sweating and hear the thumping of the basketball. There were some young kids too and they were playing in the play area.  Some young kids were swinging and some were going on the slide. Everyone was having a lot of fun. 

    Suddenly, in the parking lot I hear a song and it is coming from the ice cream man in his van.  Every time I hear that song, I want ice cream. My mouth was watering and I looked at my sister and we ran to the ice cream man.  I bought a sweet, creamy, and cold vanilla and chocolate ice cream bar.  My sister got a sweet, red cherry ice cream bar. The other kids started screaming and yelling “Ice cream! Yummy, ice cream!” They forgot about the playing in the park and wanted to eat ice cream.

    When I came back to my bench, two teenage girls were sitting on my bench. I sat next to them in a little corner, so I could listen to them talk. At first they were making jokes about the boys playing football. The girls thought it was funny how they ran around and kept falling down. Then they started talking about their friends and I don’t like to listen to people who gossip. I didn’t want to listen to them anymore, so I started walking around the park.  I went up to the huge pine tree and I pick the sharp, pointy leaf from the tree. It was hard and I rubbed it with my fingers, to try and smell it more.  It smelled better than any air spray from the store!

    I never noticed the water fountain before, but in the corner by the pine tree there was an old, small and leaking water fountain. The water fountain looked like it had been there from 100 years ago.  In the play area, the kids were playing in the sand box. I heard them laughing and giggling. Then they started to throw sand on each other and then suddenly I heard screaming.  The girls in the sandbox were fighting over the sand! Then their mom came over and yelled at them even louder and told them it is time to go home.

        As I was looking at the kids leaving the sandbox, I hear my sister crying. I wonder why the park is such a happy and sad place. I run to my sister to see what happened.  A big yellow bee was flying around her. The yellow bee was so bright; it was like the shiny sun. I could hear it buzzing everywhere. The annoying bee and stung my sister. She was in so much pain and I felt so bad for her.  The bee stung her arm and it was getting bigger and bigger every minute. I told her run to the old water fountain, but she was more afraid of the dirty old water than the bee sting. So we decided to run home to our mom. She would know what to do with the bee sting!  The park is a very happy place to be, but sometimes bad things can happen too.